Nell Carter

Nell Carter


Author Profession: US actor
Born: September 13, 1944
Died: January 23, 2003
Birth Sign: Virgo


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Nell Carter quotes

You have to put on more faces to pretend who you are.

I was a weirdo to want to be in show business. Most kids wanted to be teachers or nurses.

Rich is not better.

Rich means you have to stay there to maintain it.

When I first found out I had diabetes I denied it.

Being diabetic was not what I thought of as being normal, and I feared the stigma of having to take medicine and having people stick me with a needle.

All of us should do what we want and have to do. We can only limit ourselves.

Because I've always had a strong personality, I've always thought I knew what was best.

For me, you can put on something by Bach, and I'll feel better.

'Gimme a Break' ran for six years and gave me the kind of money and freedom that I'd dreamed would make me happy. It didn't.

I always look forward to getting back East. I miss the cold weather and the Jewish delis.

I decided after my last divorce to marry myself.

I had a pretty rough life. I got caught up in the star syndrome. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's something that I'm glad is over.

I had to want to lose weight myself.

I have my own definition of God, but I believe God is whatever you want Him to be.

I searched for answers to life's meaning and, though I was raised a Presbyterian, I converted to Judaism around 1983.

I was never totally into marriage, and I wasn't a very good wife.

I wish that people could understand that people need to laugh. They need to sing. They need to create their own joie de vivre.

I'm at my best when there's distance between me and a man.

I'm not very kind about marriage. I will never get married again.

Nobody knows what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate. Joan Jett age

You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think about. Sophia Loren

If only media people would stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit, which is cynicism and pessimism, and stopped trying so hard to be hip and cool and have a swagger. Emilio Estevez

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