Antonio Machado

Antonio Machado


Author Profession: Spanish Poet
Born: July 26, 1875
Died: February 22, 1939
Birth Sign: Leo


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Antonio Machado quotes

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.

Man would be otherwise. That is the essence of the specifically human.

The success of our operas rests most of the time in the hands of the conductor. This person is as necessary as a tenor or a prima donna. Giuseppe Verdi

You can live your life angry, bitter, mad at somebody or even guilty, not letting go of your own mistakes, but you won't receive the good things God has in store. Joel Osteen quotes

Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold. Brad Pitt age

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