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One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is undoubtedly the birthday of a person. Probably if you ask most of humanity: "What is your favorite holiday?", then they will answer without hesitation that is their birthday.

After all, each of us, waking up, feels a small fairy tale in a gray world and lives every minute with a sense of anticipation of something big and magical. But besides our birthday, we also want to know celebrity birthdays today.

Judging by the number of requests on the network, a lot of people are interested in when these or other famous person, stars, artists, actors, scientists, pirates, musicians, directors, rappers, singers, inventors, writers, women, man, authors, architects, philosophers, scientists, etc. were born.

January Mel Gibson

February Shakira

March Sharon Stone
April Penelope Cruz
May Georg Clooney

Why is this so interesting to know whose birthday is today? Data on celebrity years and birthdays may be interesting for a variety of reasons. Perhaps this is idle curiosity, or maybe a scientific interest in the statistics of the prevalence of such dates in any months of the year.

Fans want to know this data to find out what date to prepare their birthday greetings for a lovely star. As everyone knows that public people from show business do not cease to surprise and sometimes shock those who are not famous as they are by their actions. You will not always distinguish PR (to attract attention to yourself) from actions (that are something real in their life). Be that as it may, someone, perhaps, will want, for example, to estimate the difference in the age of the star spouses. And then he will begin to search for famous birthdays. In solving this issue, our service will help you, where are indicated all famous birthdays today. And also you can choose any date and find out who was born on this day that you have chosen.

Having known celebrities birthdays, you can be ready and not miss his anniversary concert, which, as a rule, are grandiose and special. It often happens that it is on celebrity birthdays that materials are recorded for the band's new disc, as well as for the concert film. Sometimes people ask for information about the birthdays of musicians and other famous people born today for fun. Thus, people want to know with whom of the famous personalities they were born on the same day than were honored. Having found out famous birthdays on our website, you can also familiarize yourself with a brief biography of that who's birthday is today. Thanks to our service you will be able to discover other celebrity birthdays today that you did not even know about. Suppose you are interested in one person and his date of birth, but after finding information about him, you will also be offered other well-known and very interesting personalities from different areas of life who also have birthdays today. You can always discover something new using our website.


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