Vance Packard

Vance Packard


Author Profession: US Writer
Born: May 22, 1914
Died: December 12, 1996
Birth Sign: Gemini


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Vance Packard quotes

Rock and roll might be summed up as monotony tinged with hysteria.

Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done.

The difference between a top-flight creative man and the hack is his ability to express powerful meanings indirectly.

The Christian notion of the possibility of redemption is incomprehensible to the computer.

You can't tell a millionaire's son from a billionaire's.

I believe that if you'll just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Tina Turner

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. Agatha Christie

Most people have a blank slate and can start from nothing. But for me, I had to break a bad habit that I've been doing all of my life, which is freestyle hip-hop. Roshon Fegan

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