Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo


Author Profession: US Musician
Born: March 31, 1978
Age: 38 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Tony Yayo quotes

Loyalty is my biggest thing.

Game is bipolar. One day he's this way, the next day he's the next.

I would love to see a G-Unit reunion.

It is hard to tell your mother to change her life.

You know I'm always in trouble.

You learn to judge your friends for who they are.

As an artist, it is great to be able to market yourself to people who don't know you, and people who do.

I think a lot of people get in trouble with the law.

When you got a group like G-Unit... we sold millions of records, we got a lot of egos.

I am for Obama, all the way. I don't support Obama just because he is a black man; I support him because he is an educated black man. He is making black people proud.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde

I just thank God that I didn't grow up with so much money or privilege because you had to create ways to make it happen. Kim Basinger

Most people have a blank slate and can start from nothing. But for me, I had to break a bad habit that I've been doing all of my life, which is freestyle hip-hop. Roshon Fegan

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