Terry Teachout

Terry Teachout


Author Profession: US Critic
Born: February 06, 1956
Age: 60 years old
Birth Sign: Aquarius


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Yes, translation is by definition an inadequate substitute for being able to read a masterpiece in the original.

Does film music really matter to the average moviegoer? A great score, after all, can't save a bad film, and a bad score - so it's said - can't sink a good one.

No cowboy songs, no hoedowns. It's a more serious piece. Yet every bar of 'Appalachian Spring' is clear, clean, tonal, intelligible - great music that anyone can grasp at first hearing.

No translation can possibly be perfect. Every production and every performance is a different path up the mountain, and nobody ever makes it all the way to the summit.

Direction is the most invisible part of the theatrical art. You don't see it.

Maine likes to call itself 'America's Vacationland.' For many artists, though, it's the office. Since the 19th century, painters from all over the country - including Edward Hopper, Alex Katz, John Marin, Fairfield Porter, Neil Welliver and Andrew Wyeth - have spent large chunks of time there.

The wonderful thing about theater as an art form is it's a purely empirical art form. It's all about what works. And every show, every production, is created anew right from the moment you go into the rehearsal hall.

A critic is not a creative artist, is a commenter, a midwife of creativity, but not creative himself.

A masterpiece doesn't push you around. It lets you make up your own mind about what it means - and change it as often as you like.

All of the most popular music of the '30s and '40s were deeply informed by jazz.

At its best, no art form is more thrilling than grand opera, yet none is at greater risk of following the dinosaurs down the cold road to extinction.

Charles Ives was writing radically innovative music, but nobody performed it, and nobody knew about it.

Copland was the first important American classical composer to go to work for Hollywood.

David Cromer, from Chicago, I think is the most gifted young director in America.

Even if I could, I wouldn't want to undo the transformation of jazz into a sophisticated art music.

Everybody in America was talking about TV early in 1949, though comparatively few Americans owned a set of their own.

For my part, I like live theater best when it's taut, concentrated and intimate.

For the critic, the word 'best' is like a grenade without a pin: Toss it around too freely, and you're likely to get your hand blown off.

Fred Astaire never let you see him sweat, but he sweetened his deceptively casual virtuosity with just enough charm to make it irresistible.

I became a professional musician and played all kinds of music. I played bluegrass, I played classical music, and for many years, I played jazz.

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