Tariq Anwar

Tariq Anwar


Author Profession: Indian Politician
Born: January 16, 1951
Age: 65 years old
Birth Sign: Capricorn


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Tariq Anwar quotes

Bio-Technology is expected to play a major role in improving productivity.

I brought several national projects to Katihar.

I have an emotional attachment with Katihar.

I have got everything which a politician needs.

I want to develop Katihar as an ideal district. That is my dream for my constituency.

My dream is to make Katihar a model district. I have no personal ambition.

Though I am an MP from Maharashtra, my heart beats for Katihar.

You can go and see the Katihar railway station. This is the most beautiful station in Bihar, even better than the Patna junction.

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