Stevie Jackson

Stevie Jackson


Author Profession: Scottish Musician
Born: January 16, 1969
Age: 47 years old
Birth Sign: Capricorn


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Stevie Jackson quotes

I wear glasses and suits, so I guess I am an indie artist.

I like the spontaneity; I like to just get people together and hit 'record' so hopefully it has got a liveliness about it.

There's a big difference between doing the odd gig and actually having a record out and your name being on the ticket.

When you're 14, 15, and you get together and start making a noise, it is the world opening up. You have that indestructible feeling when you're young. But your ambitions when you are 13 are different when you're 25. By that time, your ambition isn't to be a star anymore; it's to make a living doing music.

I like the notion of making stuff up or letting your imagination go away with you.

I'm as Scottish as they come.

I'm the guitar player in Belle & Sebastian.

I've always just given myself to the band, if you know what I mean, and been busy with that.

When I'm making records, I like it to be quite fast. Don't let the band learn it too well.

I got involved in lots of different areas round about 2007, 2008. Just working with lots of different people and stretching myself in different ways. I was working on art projects and working with other writers, just doing bits and pieces, trying to keep busy.

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