Simin Daneshvar

Simin Daneshvar


Author Profession: Iranian Novelist
Born: April 28, 1921
Died: March 08, 2012
Birth Sign: Taurus


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I wish the world was run by women. Women who have given birth and know the value of their creation.

Mourning is not forbidden, you know.

Simple people have much to offer. We, too, in return, must give to them to the best of our abilities. We must, with all our heart, try to help them acquire what they truly deserve. - metricskey Ресурсы и информация.

The success of our operas rests most of the time in the hands of the conductor. This person is as necessary as a tenor or a prima donna. Giuseppe Verdi

The only time I can really relax is up a tree or somewhere outside. I love being outside. Tom Felton age

I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well. Alexander the Great quotes

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