Sheila Nevins

Sheila Nevins


Author Profession: US Producer
Born: April 06, 1939
Age: 77 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Sheila Nevins quotes

I get very nervous when it's quiet, because I think it's dead. What I learned in the moment was to hold back a little before you talk.

I want a documentary to crest by being voted on by 6000 people who are in the business of telling stories.

I'm an instant responder. Somebody told me I'm a living Twitter. I'm quick to respond and quick to fill air.

To me, I read good reviews in lots of papers and bad reviews in lots of papers.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I kind of wanted to be a vampire. Angelina Jolie age

I believe that if you'll just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Tina Turner

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