Sam Yagan

Sam Yagan


Author Profession: US Businessman
Born: April 10, 1977
Age: 39 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Because we're able to adjust for compatibility - and what that means is we've already normalized for how well we think each person is going to get along with the other person - the only factor left in determining response rate, really, is the aesthetic appearance of the person who sent you that message.

It turns out that if you're a 24-year-old whose only line on their resume says CEO, you are totally unemployable.

Dating is a numbers game. What we try to promise is good first dates. Once that first date happens, it's really up to you.

I get to be the nosiest friend or acquaintance that anyone has because it's - my job is to ask you about your dating life all the time.

I hated meeting people at bars when I was single because it's all about the looks and the funny line.

I have never written a line of commercial code in my life. Nor should I.

I hope that the movie industry will learn from the experiences of the music industry and will be much more constructive in their approach to P2P.

I remember sitting in on meetings where everyone in the room was twice as old as I was.

I want to see talent and companies and money and entrepreneurs moving to Chicago.

I'm 34 years old. In most jobs, your early 30s to early 40s are your power years.

Immigration is the ultimate entrepreneurship.

In dating, the question is how many Tinder knockoffs are we going to have, and are any of them going to take off?

Life is just a set of experiences. As long as there are new experiences for me in a corporate job, I don't think I have to be an entrepreneur.

My OkCupid co-founders are my best friends. We were in each other's weddings.

People are already on Match and already going to Starbucks on first dates.

Something like a quarter of the founders that have gone through Excelerate and Techstars are women. I'm incredibly proud of that.

There has to be a willingness to constantly accept critical feedback and rapidly iterate to make things better.

We think that there really is racial bias in determining who people want to date.

We were intrigued by the fact that we had so much actual behavior among people on our dating site, OKCupid.

What people don't realize is that Tinder built a brand on more than the experience of the swipe.

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