Sakshi Tanwar

Sakshi Tanwar


Author Profession: Indian Actress
Born: January 12, 1973
Age: 43 years old
Birth Sign: Capricorn


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Sakshi Tanwar quotes

I'm not desperately looking for a man, but I'm sure one of these days, I'll find my Mr. Right.

I think I've become the brand ambassador of arranged marriages, especially for working Indian women.

I've always wanted to take up work that my heart is convinced about. And I shall continue to do so.

There is no guarantee what will give you happiness any which way. I know many married people who are unhappy.

I have been fortunate to experience a wide range of characters. What more can an actor ask for?

I haven't thought about getting into production. I'm interested in the creative aspect of storytelling.

When a product is made, everyone hopes for the best. Whether it could have been better or not is more of an afterthought.

I feel birth, death, marriage is destined, and these things can't be manipulated. I have surrendered my life completely. So, whenever it happens, I will accept it.

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