Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside


Author Profession: Canadian Actor
Born: February 12, 1950
Age: 66 years old
Birth Sign: Aquarius


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Michael Ironside quotes

I basically was a precocious little kid.

I want to make smart television.

I mean, I've been in a hundred and fifty films; I don't want to just sit around and talk about things.

I took acting lessons when I was 19, 20, and I had my writing.

I'm a director's actor; I'm a storyteller's actor.

People are either enamored with me or wonder if they can take me.

If anything, I want to bring television back up to where it will entertain and engage a gamer.

People who get involved with the success of something have to be given at least some share of that success.

When I was in art college, I would be painting, and I would create something on a canvas that was actually quite attractive. But if I got frightened and tried to protect that, that canvas would die.

I ended up an actor, did my first professional union gig in 1974, and I've been doing it ever since.

My M.O. over the years is that I make things better, where people give me that freedom.

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