Matthew Nable

Matthew Nable


Author Profession: Australian Actor
Born: March 08, 1972
Age: 44 years old
Birth Sign: Pisces


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My week at school would be good or bad depending on whether Balmain won. I have such fond memories of those suburban grounds, and everything was so undiluted. The players weren't censored, and for me it was a wonderful period of my life when everything was simple and pure. For me, that resonated with rugby league.

Given the choice of living in Los Angeles or living in Sydney, I would choose Sydney.

Exposing characters and their shortcomings gives me great comfort. It's always great to write about someone more mixed up than yourself.

I've worked really physically hard, and I was never afraid of working hard as younger bloke.

Writing novels is where I'm most comfortable. It's a very intimate experience.

By the time I was 23 or 24 and had written the first manuscript of 'The Final Winter', I knew I wanted to make it a career but didn't know how. It took me a long time to grow into myself, but when my love of writing returned, it did so with an enormous amount of venom. It is now a mainstay in my life.

I tend to keep things that bother me clandestine... well-hidden. I'm also not very good at recognising the reasons that change my moods - they just seem to happen, which is not great for those around me.

Post-traumatic stress disorder didn't surface as a condition until 1980... that fact was very relevant when I remember back to how these men behaved. A lot of walking on eggshells was required for wives and children.

I am always writing. It is not always good, but if I am writing, I am usually happy.

It's a privilege to be an actor, as it's not work - it's a job.

Writing is a very easy way for me to express myself. When I was still at school, I would write for no reason other than I wanted to write.

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