Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland


Author Profession: US Model
Born: March 08, 1963
Age: 53 years old
Birth Sign: Pisces


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Kathy Ireland quotes

If we get our self-esteem from superficial places, from our popularity, appearance, business success, financial situation, health, any of these, we will be disappointed, because no one can guarantee that we'll have them tomorrow.

There are a lot of good arguments for birth control, but as far as terminating a life that has already come into existence, I haven't found any.

Beauty comes from the inside.

I know my strengths. Painfully aware of the weaknesses. There's many. I love sports. So working towards a common goal, that's exciting to me.

When I used to model, the job description is 'shut up and pose.' There are people today who would really like me to go back to that old job description and 'just shut up and pose.'

I believe there are three keys to success. For me it is keeping my priorities in order: It's my faith and my family, and then the business.

The only thing Martha and I have in common is that we both used to model. Martha Stewart is extremely talented. Her designs are picture perfect. Our philosophy is life is messy, and rather than being afraid of those messes we design products that work the way we live.

Because modeling is lucrative, I'm able to save up and be more particular about the acting roles I take.

I always knew I belonged on the other side of the lens.

In business it's about people. It's about relationships.

An agenda is not a bad thing.

But I look at failure as education. In that respect, I am so well-educated.

Don't just work for the money; that will bring only limited satisfaction.

I think I'm too much of a control freak.

I would say my sense of adventure outweighs my grace.

Our mission began with finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.

It's been an extraordinary journey. I have learned so much along the way. I entered the modeling industry as a business person already. I always knew I belonged on the other side of the camera.

My family gave me values that have sustained me through situations that would challenge any person. My personal relationship with the Lord inspires me in all I do.

I won't give up my day job of design.

Jesus was nothing like I thought - He wasn't condemning. He was loving and leading.

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The only thing that I can do is know that I have great confidence in raising children and being a great mother. Cheryl Tiegs

I grew up loving horses. I was relatively obsessed, starting with my rocking horse at age 2, all the way through my painting and drawing phase. Diane Lane

I always loved acting and improv and sketch comedy and theater, which I did at a local youth theater. Emma Stone age

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