James Wan

James Wan


Author Profession: Australian Producer
Born: February 27, 1977
Age: 39 years old
Birth Sign: Pisces


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James Wan quotes

For me, the sound design and the musical score is a big part of what makes scary movies work.

For me and my films, I want my audience to experience cinema in its full glory. It's not just visual, it's audio as well. It's emotional, and I want you to be engaged with not just the scene but with the characters.

We think craft is important, and the irony has always been that horror may be disregarded by critics, but often they are the best-made movies you're going to find in terms of craft. You can't scare people if they see the seams.

Whether it's a popcorn movie or some really intellectual sociopolitical movie, I think to some degree they're all influenced by the social climate that we're living in.

Not many people realize this, but I'm a really squeamish guy. When I watch other horror films that are really over-the-top with their blood and guts, I cannot watch it.

I'm a big movie fan, and I want to make movies in every genre. I want to make my romantic comedy one day.

All my movies are about people with some ideology, but guess what? It never works out.

Aquaman's such an amazing character.

As we all know, Aquaman is somewhat the butt of the joke in the superhero world.

Critics tend to be very hard on the horror genre.

Favorite movie of all time? I hate being asked... that's like being asked, 'What's your favorite song?'

For me, what usually makes a horror sequence scary is the journey not the destination.

Geoff Johns is super talented, super smart.

I always say it's very difficult when you're tackling something like 'Spider-Man' or 'Batman' that has been done so many times before.

I am a student of cinema, and I love filmmaking of all kinds.

I believe in spirits. I believe in faith. I believe in spirituality. I believe in aliens as well.

I can make any kind of movies. I can put up with any kind of situation. And I can tackle them.

I come from a very straight and adjusted suburban background.

I definitely love to be scared. It draws the primal side out of you.

I didn't direct any of the 'Saw' sequels, but people thought I did.

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