Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson


Author Profession: US Musician
Born: May 04, 1951
Age: 65 years old
Birth Sign: Taurus


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Jackie Jackson quotes

My husband believes that he can make a difference. He loves people.

I know my brother. Michael, he's not that kind of person. He doesn't do that. That's all a lie on him.

I've raised Michael. I changed his diapers when he was little.

I find Jesse Jackson to be religiously, progressively old fashioned.

Jesse Jackson, when I met him, he had an innocence about him which is still very much a part of him today.

One thing of the many things that I know about Jesse Jackson, he is persistent.

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I kind of wanted to be a vampire. Angelina Jolie age

You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think about. Sophia Loren

I just thank God that I didn't grow up with so much money or privilege because you had to create ways to make it happen. Kim Basinger

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