Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan


Author Profession: Chinese Actor
Born: April 07, 1954
Age: 62 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Jackie Chan quotes

Coffee is a language in itself.

I only want my work to make people happy.

Now I am older, I understand we have to accept who we are.

If you're too free, you're like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic.

We learn martial arts as helping weakness. You never fight for people to get hurt. You're always helping people.

A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman.

I now have two different audiences. There's the one that has been watching my action films for 20 years, and the American family audience. American jokes, less fighting.

My dream is to continue filming until my body tells me to stop.

I've got a very interesting background.

Before I do a stunt, I have to make sure it is safe.

My affection for Taiwan... is witnessed by everyone. My wife is Taiwanese and I am a son-in-law of Taiwan. I am half Taiwanese.

My schedule goes: wake up, running, exercise, downstairs, running shoes off, then to the shower. That's the Jackie Chan diary.

I'm tired of fighting. I've always known that I can't be an action star all my life.

Being a stunt coordinator, I have to take care not only of myself but I have to make sure everyone is safe.

Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.

I want to be in 'Avatar'. I want somebody to hire me to be Superman, a Chinese Superman or Spider-Man.

In the real world, children love me.

Of course I get hurt.

I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.

Sometimes I do need to go to karaoke, sometimes I need to relax.

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