Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey


Author Profession: US boxer
Born: June 24, 1895
Died: May 31, 1983
Birth Sign: Cancer


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Jack Dempsey quotes

By forgetting the past and by throwing myself into other interests, I forget to worry.

Tall men come down to my height when I hit 'em in the body.

I was a pretty good fighter. But it was the writers who made me great.

A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.

A champion owes everybody something. He can never pay back for all the help he got, for making him an idol.

You know what a champion is? A champion is someone who's ready when the gong rings - not just before, not just after - but when it rings.

Nobody owes anybody a living, but everybody is entitled to a chance.

A good fighter usually knows, to within a very few seconds, when a three-minute round is going to end.

All the time he's boxing, he's thinking. All the time he was thinking, I was hitting him.

Number 4 should have been number 1. Thanks, Honey.

Tell him he can have my title, but I want it back in the morning.

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