Irwin Shaw

Irwin Shaw


Author Profession: Literature & Fiction edit data Shaw was born Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff in the South Bronx, New York City, to Russian Jewish immigrants. Shaw was a prolific American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and short-story author whose written works have sold more than 14 million copies. He is best known for his novels, The Young Lions (1948) and Rich Man Poor Man (1970).
Born: February 27, 1913
Died: May 16, 1984
Birth Sign: Pisces


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Irwin Shaw quotes

My attitudes have changed, but somebody would have to read all my books to find out how they have.

A writer has to live with a sense of honor.

The last paragraph, in which you tell what the story is about, is almost always best left out.

No writer need feel sorry for himself if he writes and enjoys it, even if he doesn't get paid.

Writing is like a contact sport, like football. You can get hurt, but you enjoy it.

A good editor understands what you're talking and writing about and doesn't meddle too much.

In the theater, characters have to cut the umbilical cord from the writer and talk in their own voices.

There are too many books I haven't read, too many places I haven't seen, too many memories I haven't kept long enough.

At the height of the McCarthy period, writers were being hounded.

Curiously, the United States is full of writers who have one big work in their life and that's all.

Ernest Hemingway did a great deal toward making the writer an acceptable public figure; obviously, he was no sissy.

I imagine that my characters have become much more complicated than when I first began, which would be normal.

I never drink while I'm working, but after a few glasses I get ideas that would never have occurred to me dead sober.

I'm not as hopeful as I was when I was young.

In America, we have the feeling of the doomed young artist. Fitzgerald was the great example of that.

Kennedy was a man who liked writers and even I got invited to the White House.

People who light up like Roman candles come down in the dark very quickly.

Writing for the theater, you find yourself living a nocturnal life.

An absolutely necessary part of a writer's equipment, almost as necessary as talent, is the ability to stand up under punishment, both the punishment the world hands out and the punishment he inflicts upon himself.

Posterity makes the judgments. There are going to be a lot of surprises in store for everybody.

When I look around the world, I don't see too many damsels in distress. If they're a damsel in distress, they're manipulating some guy to help them. Sigourney Weaver

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