Horst Faas

Horst Faas


Author Profession: German Photographer
Born: April 28, 1933
Died: May 10, 2012
Birth Sign: Taurus


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Being in Vietnam and being around a major story of the time was always a great shot of adrenaline.

War is hell. You can't photograph a flying bullet, but you can capture genuine fear.

A Leica camera is a camera we can keep both eyes open. You can look for the free eye that doesn't look to viewfinder and in all directions. It's like backwards - and sometimes also backwards, and you can look for the viewfinder and see your picture.

When you're out in the military situation, you can't take pictures at night because flashlights. So at night and in bad weather and in dark weather, the cameras went into the fish tackling box, which was waterproof, and I would just use my mind and try to keep quotes there and write down little stories.

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I kind of wanted to be a vampire. Angelina Jolie age

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. Agatha Christie

Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold. Brad Pitt age

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