Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz


Author Profession: US Actor
Born: June 04, 1969
Age: 47 years old
Birth Sign: Gemini


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Horatio Sanz quotes

I cannot walk past Peanut Butter M&Ms and Oreos.

I think people are purists about what sketch comedy should be, and I think sometimes having too much fun can be a little annoying to some people.

I'd like to do a show that's not a sitcom.

If I were a dad, I'd have my kids watch 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Honeymooners.'

'Naked Gun 33 1/3' I think made me laugh more than anything ever made.

What I've learned from sketch is you can get it as perfect as you want, and it's never going to be perfect.

Water is to me, I confess, a phenomenon which continually awakens new feelings of wonder as often as I view it. Michael Faraday quotes

I'm bipolar, but I'm not crazy, and I never was. I'm stark raving sane. Emilie Autumn quotes

The only thing that I can do is know that I have great confidence in raising children and being a great mother. Cheryl Tiegs

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