Hal Newhouser

Hal Newhouser


Author Profession: US Athlete
Born: May 20, 1921
Died: November 10, 1998
Birth Sign: Taurus


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Hal Newhouser quotes

Never give up, and never give in.

Al Kaline bought a tee and a ball and swung at it all winter. Look where it got him: the Hall of Fame.

What more can you ask for than to see a ballgame in spring?

I remember one game when I pitched in Yankee Stadium and gave up five runs in the first inning. It would have been easy to quit, but I shut 'em out the rest of the way, and we came back and won the game.

I think what hurt me all along was the label of 'war-time pitcher.' I've always resented that.

I know the Hall of Fame is the more sought-after thing. But I'm getting a bigger charge out of my uniform number being put away. Everything I worked hard for and wished for came true.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde

If your mind is at work, we're in danger of reproducing another cliche. If we can keep our minds out of it and our thoughts out of it, maybe we'll come up with something original. Peter Falk

If only media people would stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit, which is cynicism and pessimism, and stopped trying so hard to be hip and cool and have a swagger. Emilio Estevez

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