Giulio Natta

Giulio Natta


Author Profession: Italian Scientist
Born: February 26, 1903
Died: May 02, 1979
Birth Sign: Pisces


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All vinyl polymers may be regarded as built from monomeric units containing a tertiary carbon atom.

If the chain symmetry is maintained in the crystal lattice, the possible occurrence of different space groups is considerably restricted.

If the polymer chain assumes a helicoidal conformation in the crystalline state, and if it does not contain asymmetric carbon atoms, it can be expected that either helices of the same sense, or, in equal ratio, helices of opposite sense are represented in the lattice.

In view of the experience I had acquired in the field of chemical industry, certain Italian government and industrial bodies entrusted me in 1938 with the task of instituting research and development studies on the production of synthetic rubber in Italy.

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