Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov


Author Profession: Celebrity
Born: April 13, 1963
Age: 53 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Garry Kasparov quotes

Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.

It was not about losing my mental power; it's about not feeling good about my contribution to the game.

Women, by their nature, are not exceptional chess players: they are not great fighters.

I started playing chess when I was five years old. I learned the moves from my mother, then worked with my father - and later trainers. My style became very technical. I sacrificed a lot of things. I was always hunting for the king, for the mate. I'd forget about my other pieces.

At the end of the day, it's all about money.

I organize a chess festival in Hungary. I support chess in schools, and I have my own chess foundation. And I started writing books.

More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people.

In chess, we have styles - like in any other field. There are also fashions in the kinds of systems that people play. So I'm trying to know my opponent as much as possible.

If you make a decision to fight for future of your own country you have to consider all the consequences.

It didn't take long to recognise the shortcomings of the Soviet regime and to see the values of the free world.

I wouldn't overestimate the importance of my popularity in the country and abroad but at the end of the day it's not as important because I believe that my presence here could make some difference and it could encourage people.

Ukraine had quite serious impact on the many Russians. They could see that ordinary people in Ukraine which is a bordering state, very close to Russia, the people of this state are, they didn't want to tolerate anymore the power abuse by Ukrainian officials.

Russian Parliament today is a bunch of puppets that just fall in with the instructions from Kremlin.

Chess is mental torture.

I'm still number one and I just recently won a major tournament ahead of my toughest rivals so I think I had a few years ahead of me if I decided to stay.

I may play some exhibition games so I don't want to quit the game of chess completely. I just decided and it's a firm decision not to play competitive chess anymore.

I've met enough KGB colonels in my life.

I have great energy and I have great tasks ahead of me.

I learned that fighting on the chess board could also have an impact on the political climate in the country.

I think our chances are not looking great today but the only way to fail for me is just not to try.

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