Edward Teller

Edward Teller


Author Profession: US Physicist
Born: January 15, 1908
Died: September 09, 2003
Birth Sign: Capricorn


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Edward Teller quotes

Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible.

My experience has been in a short 77 years that in the end when you fight for a desperate cause and have good reasons to fight, you usually win.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

A fact is a simple statement that everyone believes. It is innocent, unless found guilty. A hypothesis is a novel suggestion that no one wants to believe. It is guilty, until found effective.

Had we not pursued the hydrogen bomb, there is a very real threat that we would now all be speaking Russian. I have no regrets.

No endeavor that is worthwhile is simple in prospect; if it is right, it will be simple in retrospect.

The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler.

I tried to contribute to the defeat of the Soviets. If I contributed 1%, it is 1% of something enormous.

Physics is, hopefully, simple. Physicists are not.

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.

Two paradoxes are better than one; they may even suggest a solution.

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