Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield


Author Profession: English singer
Born: April 16, 1939
Died: March 02, 1999
Birth Sign: Aries


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Dusty Springfield quotes

My affections are easily swayed and I can be very unfaithful.

I find it an effort to keep up appearances.

I wouldn't know how to handle serenity if somebody handed it to me on a plate.

My sexuality has never been a problem to me but I think it has been for other people.

I'm the most misunderstood, misquoted person I know, honestly.

I have tried sex with both men and women. I found I liked it.

It's marvellous to be popular, but foolish to think it will last.

I just decided I wanted to become someone else... So I became someone else.

Sometimes you have to let people down in order to get on, particularly in showbusiness.

Hell, have I been a hell-raiser!

I was a nothing kid. Not particularly good. Not particularly bad.

I'd love to retouch my whole life.

A lot of people say I'm bent, and I've heard it so many times that I've almost learned to accept it.

Somehow I took whatever criticism there was very much to heart.

Nobody knows what anticipation is anymore. Everything is so immediate. Joan Jett age

I have always loved cashmere and knitwear is the first thing I'm drawn to when shopping - even if I don't need any. Claudia Schiffer

The only movie I can watch on a loop, over and over, is 'Help', the Beatles movie. It's so funny and irreverent and great. Emma Stone

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