Dennis Gabor

Dennis Gabor


Author Profession: Hungarian scientist (invented the hologram)
Born: June 05, 1900
Died: July 09, 1979
Birth Sign: Gemini


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The most important and urgent problems of the technology of today are no longer the satisfactions of the primary needs or of archetypal wishes, but the reparation of the evils and damages by the technology of yesterday.

Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them.

Till now man has been up against Nature; from now on he will be up against his own nature.

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Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold. Brad Pitt age

I can be a nice person, but if someone is messing with someone I care about, the tougher side comes out a little more. Daniella Alonso

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