Denis Napthine

Denis Napthine


Author Profession: Australian Politician
Born: March 06, 1952
Age: 64 years old
Birth Sign: Pisces


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Denis Napthine quotes

We make no apology for people who should be in prison being in prison.

We want to protect freedom of speech, but it is not unlimited freedom of speech. There has always been rules around defamation, slander and libel, and in Victoria, we have effective rules on racial and religious vilification.

I am extremely proud to have the honour and privilege to be the Premier of this great state of Victoria.

I get up each and every day trying to do my level best to make Victoria a better place.

I think the people of Victoria are smart, intelligent people.

I want Victoria to be the number one state in the best country in the world.

I'm pleased to announce that my government will build the much-needed Melbourne airport rail link.

It is always tough to win every booth right across the electorate because there are different issues in different parts of the electorate.

It's absolutely essential that Melbourne, and Victoria, has a rail link to the airport.

The Greens simply don't understand that a strong economy is the key to a better Victoria for all Victorian families.

The Greens will threaten the future of our strong economy. They will destroy jobs and put Victorian families at risk.

Today, in 2014, Victoria is a better, stronger, more financially secure state than when we came to government four years ago.

Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia. Tony Abbott will be coming to Victoria on a regular basis.

Victoria is proudly the multicultural capital of Australia; we have a diverse, harmonious community.

When you nominate for a seat, the expectation is that you serve that district and serve that seat if you are elected.

Free speech is a valuable commodity, which we preserve and protect, but there quite rightly is restriction on free speech in the best interest of the good order of the community and common sense.

I think every business should build on their strengths, and the strengths of Victoria are our clean, green agriculture; the strengths of Victoria are our strong education system.

If you look at America, one of the great strengths of America is its university towns and the way a lot of their businesses and a lot of their innovation and enormous economic growth have come from reducing that gap, getting those universities directly involved in start-up businesses, green field businesses, new development businesses.

It's very, very hard to be generous and compassionate if you haven't got a dollar in you back pocket to pay for it, to actually pay for those services that people need.

Ted Baillieu certainly has served the state very well. He has served the Liberal party extraordinarily well, and he can be very, very proud of his achievements. I am honoured and proud to say that he is not just a colleague, he is a great friend.

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