Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds


Author Profession: US actor
Born: April 01, 1932
Age: 84 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Debbie Reynolds quotes

I gave it all that I had, and it's gratifying that others seem to be receiving it so well.

I had the sets that meant so much to this character built - right in my home, especially the kitchen, which was important both for her character and for your introduction to her when Albert comes to visit.

I miss the movies. Still, I understood that my kind of movie has had its day. I thought it was over for me.

I wanted to get that sense of peace and even boredom that comes with long familiarity.

You all know who she is. There's very little she isn't.

I stopped making movies because I don't like taking my clothes off. Maybe it's realism, but in my opinion, it's utter filth.

I wanted to be as comfortable in that environment as she was. I moved around those areas in character.

Well, one of the things I did was recreate her home in my home.

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If anybody wanted to photograph my life, they'd get bored in a day. Matt Damon

The only thing that I can do is know that I have great confidence in raising children and being a great mother. Cheryl Tiegs

Most people have a blank slate and can start from nothing. But for me, I had to break a bad habit that I've been doing all of my life, which is freestyle hip-hop. Roshon Fegan

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