Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Author Profession: English artist, poet
Born: May 12, 1828
Died: April 09, 1882
Birth Sign: Taurus


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Dante Gabriel Rossetti quotes

Conception, my boy, fundamental brain work, is what makes all the difference in art.

The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank.

Love is the last relay and ultimate outposts of eternity.

The only thing that I can do is know that I have great confidence in raising children and being a great mother. Cheryl Tiegs

When I look around the world, I don't see too many damsels in distress. If they're a damsel in distress, they're manipulating some guy to help them. Sigourney Weaver

I can be a nice person, but if someone is messing with someone I care about, the tougher side comes out a little more. Daniella Alonso

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