Christine Lahti

Christine Lahti


Author Profession: US Actress
Born: April 04, 1950
Age: 66 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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Christine Lahti quotes

A friend of mine described it this way: When they were born it was like a meteor landed in our house and blew everything apart. We had to just put all the pieces back.

I was a fighter and very determined. There was no way I was going to back out without winning.

It was not really a career choice that I had to make. It was something I knew right from the beginning. I had to be an actress... period.

I'm more proud of quitting smoking than of anything else I've done in my life, including winning an Oscar.

Competition is very good... as long as its healthy. It's what makes one strive to be better.

I don't want to fight aging; I want to take good care of myself, but plastic surgery and all that? I'm not interested.

I think all industries are sexist in nature and I don't think the film industry is any different.

My heart's in really great shape thanks to spinning classes.

I wanted to be an actress. In college I was a serious feminist and very political. I was determined to get one thing out of my career and that was respect. I didn't want money. I didn't care about fame.

After doing so many different roles, if you don't stretch yourself, there's no excitement left.

I am an actress and acting is my passion... period!

I demanded two weeks of rehearsal because to me as an actor, that's the most important time.

I like to take up something that is challenging. I like to stretch myself.

I loved the stage and then grew to love the camera.

I most often land up taking up the roles that I most detest.

I would take up any small job on the sets, just so that I could hang around with the hope of getting noticed.

Its only when you are a great actor and are recognised for your good work that you become famous. Unless you are in the news for the wrong reasons!

Television really does offer still great parts for women, cable in particular.

When I was first starting out, if you were acting on television, it was a real stigma.

When I'm not working, my time is really about my children.

I believe that if you'll just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Tina Turner

The only thing that I can do is know that I have great confidence in raising children and being a great mother. Cheryl Tiegs

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