Christie Laing

Christie Laing


Author Profession: Canadian Actress
Born: April 10, 1985
Age: 31 years old
Birth Sign: Aries


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I went to a public high school, and after graduation, college wasn't really much of an option for me. I didn't believe I had the money or the grades at the time, so I continued to work and save money to support my acting career.

Honestly, there isn't anywhere in the world that I can say I would never travel to, given the opportunity.

I love having the opportunity to perform, and I hate not being given the opportunity to perform.

Acting, as a child, I remember being lots of fun. I know it must have been very stressful on my parents, since auditions were unpredictable, and they both worked full time jobs.

I don't know if it's a actor thing or just growing as an adult, but the best thing I've learned is that everyone wants to do a great job, and everyone wants you to do a great job, too!

In my downtime, I love eating. It's pretty much my favorite hobby. Discovering new restaurants and revisiting consistent favorites is one of my top things to do when not filming.

My favorite subject in high school was English. I love reading and writing, and I felt really supported in this subject, and my least favorite was math, since I felt completely lost.

The thing that attracted me to acting the most was I always felt quite unsure or insecure as a kid, and for some reason, when I got to perform these lines and characters, I felt safe. There was this confidence and excitement from performing that I loved.

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