Bettie Page

Bettie Page


Author Profession: US Model
Born: April 22, 1923
Died: December 11, 2008
Birth Sign: Taurus


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Bettie Page quotes

For years I had my hair parted down the middle in a ponytail, tucked down around the sides... Well, I went and cut the bangs, and I've been wearing them ever since. They say it's my trademark.

I was never the girl next door.

Sex is a part of love. You shouldn't go around doing it unless you are in love.

It makes me feel wonderful that people still care for me... that I have so many fans among young people, who write to me and tell me I have been an inspiration.

I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me.

I love to swim in the nude and roam around the house in the nude. You're just as free as a bird!

My favorite actress of all times is Bette Davis in Dark Victory. I have seen it six or seven times, and I still cry.

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