Barbara Park

Barbara Park


Author Profession: US Author
Born: April 21, 1947
Died: November 15, 2013
Birth Sign: Taurus


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I'm not actually sure I'm grown-up enough for grown-up books.

There are those who believe that the value of a children's book can be measured only in terms of the moral lessons it tries to impose or the perfect role models it offers. Personally, I happen to think that a book is of extraordinary value if it gives the reader nothing more than a smile or two. In fact, I happen to think that's huge.

My senior year of high school, I was voted 'Wittiest.' So, several years later, I decided to try my hand at writing humor to see if I could be witty enough to make some money.

I find that when I'm struggling to think of how a six-year-old would feel about something, I just have to go right down to the common denominator, find the simplest way that you can look at an object or a problem, and not muck it up with all of the stuff that adults do and over-analyze.

There are many reluctant young readers who haven't yet found books that make them laugh.

My criteria for what makes a book an official 'favorite,' is based almost entirely on how desperately I don't want the story to end.

I wasn't that over-the-top, but I got sent to the principal in first grade for talking. And my father was for a long time the president of the Board of Education. That was always a hard note to bring home.

All of my characters are less than perfect.

For 20 years I've gotten to laugh my way through my work. For me, that's a dream job.

I was a good kid, but I was just very chatty. Teachers were rarely entertained, but occasionally a child was, which was enough for me. Everything was so urgent. I needed to say it immediately.

Society just has a way of inhibiting you, which is good and bad.

I find the term 'perfect child' to be an oxymoron.

Of all the novels I've written, my favorite is 'Mick Harte Was Here'.

I've stopped reading about my books on the Internet because it's too hurtful.

My own pregnancies were all about me, me, me. My aches, my pains, my swollen feet, and my body that looked like the Michelin Man.

Ever since I began writing my Junie B. Jones series, people have been assuming that the character is based on me when I was a little girl. The fact is, though, that Junie B. and I have very little in common.

I like to think that Junie B. looks at the world - and this isn't a negative comment on her - from the lowest common denominator. It's not all gray to her; it's all black and white.

I'm so lazy as far as liking to get up, go to the office in my pajamas, get dressed about noon. And I hate flying. So I have this really laid-back, good lifestyle, and it's hard to nudge me out of it.

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