Baba Kalyani

Baba Kalyani


Author Profession: Indian Businessman
Born: January 07, 1949
Age: 67 years old
Birth Sign: Capricorn


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Baba Kalyani quotes

I had my own motor boat which we would take to Khadakvasla, but that was 40 years ago.

We are working with the power industry all over the world. We are meeting customers in aerospace and getting them to tour our plants.

It's the adventure, the adrenaline-flowing, risk-taking in outdoor activities that attracts me.

Before 2000, we were unable to design a single car; all the cars were designed in Japan, Europe or somewhere else. We were just converting.

The most important part of any acquisition is your ability to culturally integrate the people in the companies you acquire and your company.

Challenges give me a kick. The day I stop getting challenges, I would quit.

I am a self-taught water skier and wind surfer.

I am a very hands-on person, and I like to be involved in driving my business.

I am able to compete not because my labour is cheap, but because I can use technology better than others.

I am an analog, slide-rule kind of guy.

I give strong advice, but I don't expect it to be followed.

If India has to achieve exponential growth, it would have to be on the back of strong growth in the manufacturing sector.

If my strength is technology, financial structuring is my son's skill.

If somebody told me you'd be a one and a half billion dollar company and be the largest in the world, I wouldn't have believed it myself.

In 2014, we have some new activities and new order wins in the non-automotive space.

In business, you try to minimise risk.

In the U.S., we didn't have scale, and without scale, it's difficult to operate.

India is the second biggest defence procurer in the world after the U.S.

One of the criteria for a global company is that it should have a manufacturing presence in multiple countries and should not only be an exporter.

Our company is very diversified, both in terms of geography and in terms of products.

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