Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill


Author Profession: English Actor
Born: June 17, 1982
Age: 34 years old
Birth Sign: Gemini


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Arthur Darvill quotes

Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I'm a man of simple pleasures, really.

I go to the Natural History Museum and look at the cage of stuffed starlings there. But my favourite thing is the big blue whale. The scale of it is unbelievable, and makes you feel how insignificant you are as a human being.

I did 'Little Dorrit' a few years ago; I really love doing period dramas. It's stuff like that I really enjoy watching.

I didn't really have any aspirations to do TV when I first decided to be an actor.

I'd rather do my own performance than copy someone else's.

I'm endlessly putting myself on tapes for things over in America! I'm always sitting at home, learning lines, sending stuff to America.

I use music as therapy. Whenever I'm feeling angry or needing some 'me' time, which is quite regularly, I'll go and bang a piano or flesh out something on a guitar.

I've started collecting taxidermy: I've got a red squirrel, called Steve. I made sure he came with certificates so we know he wasn't just killed for stuffing.

'Broadchurch' is very different, but it's equally as good as 'The Killing' - if not better.

I think 'Breaking Bad' is brilliant. Good drama in the U.S. is also so funny and blurs the line between light and dark.

My dad bought me a guitar when I was very young, and I never looked back.

'The Globe' is one of the most terrifying theatres in London. It's that mob element - everyone packed in and staring up at you.

When I was young, my mum was part of a brilliant puppet theatre that toured all over the world.

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I kind of wanted to be a vampire. Angelina Jolie age

I believe that if you'll just stand up and go, life will open up for you. Tina Turner

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