Antonis Samaras

Antonis Samaras


Author Profession: Greek Politician
Born: May 23, 1951
Age: 65 years old
Birth Sign: Gemini


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Antonis Samaras quotes

There is a mass of immigrants, a million of them without work. We will stop this invasion.

Today is a new day for the land.

The best way for someone to govern is to set an example.

The Greek people today voted for Greece to remain on its European path and in the eurozone.

There are certainly delays in this year's agreed program, and we must quickly catch up. Let's not kid ourselves, there is still big waste in the public sector, and it must stop.

Greece's position in Europe will not be put in doubt.

I am fully aware of the critical moments we face as a country.

If the program goes off track again due to recession, this should not become a pretext for the imposition of more austerity measures.

Our first goal is to stop the recession and start with recovery.

Tomorrow a new era starts for Greece.

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