Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville


Author Profession: US Musician
Born: January 24, 1941
Age: 75 years old
Birth Sign: Aquarius


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Aaron Neville quotes

Every morning I wake up and thank God.

I always tell people I want to see the world through His eyes, and I want people to see Him in me.

I think things happened the way they did for a reason.

I was raised Catholic, but my father's people were Methodist, so we went to both churches.

I was very surprised when I heard that I had been chosen to receive the James Cardinal Gibbons Award.

I always loved Sam Cooke, because he seemed very versatile. He sang gospel, soul, blues, pop music.

I owe it all to Jesus.

I really like listening to music in my car.

I sing around the house, in the shower.

Me and my partners had been stealing cars for a while.

My friends and I were wild and we liked to joy-ride.

So now I have a collection of poetry by Aaron Neville and I give it to people I want to share it with. I'd like to publish it someday.

Until I went to rehab, I didn't understand what it did.

So I went in front of the judge, and I had my St. Jude prayer book in my pocket and my St. Jude medal. And I'm standing there and that judge said I was found guilty, so he sentenced me to what the law prescribed: one to 14 years.

But I knew if I ran I'd never be able to sing, so I had to take my punishment.

Growing up my mother played Sarah Vaughan and Nat Cole in the house regularly.

I feel it was just a few years ago I was running around in short pants.

I just sing. You have to use it.

If you had told me I'd be making 62 tomorrow, I'd say you were lying.

The extras are a nice bonus feature, but the main incentive is the musical experience.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde

I always loved acting and improv and sketch comedy and theater, which I did at a local youth theater. Emma Stone age

The only movie I can watch on a loop, over and over, is 'Help', the Beatles movie. It's so funny and irreverent and great. Emma Stone

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