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John Selden "They that govern the most, make least noise."

John Selden
(12/16/1584 – 11/30/1654)
English jurist
Ludwig van Beethoven "Rossini would have been a great composer if his teacher had spanked him enough on his backside."

Ludwig van Beethoven
(12/16/1770 – 03/26/1827)
German composer
Jane Austen "Elinor agreed with it all, for she did not think he deserved the compliment of rational opposition."

Jane Austen
(12/16/1775 – 07/18/1817)
English writer
Mary Russell Mitford "She was the prettiest, silliest, most affected, husband-hunting butterfly ever."

Mary Russell Mitford
(12/16/1787 – 01/10/1855)
English writer , on Jane Austen
George Santayana "It is a great advantage for a system of philosophy to be substantially true."

George Santayana
(12/16/1863 – 09/26/1952)
Spanish philosopher, writer
Noel Coward "I see her as one great stampede of lips directed at the nearest derriere."

Sir Noel Coward
(12/16/1899 – 03/26/1973)
English writer (same dates as Beethoven) , on a sycophantic columnist
"The principle of procrastinated rape is said to be the ruling one in all the great best-sellers."

V. S. Pritchett
(12/16/1900 – 03/20/1997)
English writer
Margaret Mead "Women want mediocre men, and men are working hard to become as mediocre as possible."

Margaret Mead
(12/16/1901 – 11/15/1978)
US anthropologist
"If no thought your mind does visit
make your speech not too explicit."

Piet Hein
(12/16/1905 – 04/18/1996)
Danish inventor
Arthur C. Clarke "There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum."

Arthur C. Clarke
(12/16/1917 – 03/19/2008)
English scientist, writer
"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."

Phillip K. Dick
(12/16/1928 – 03/02/1982)
US writer
Liv Ullmann "Hollywood is loneliness beside the swimming pool."

Liv Ullmann
(12/16/1939 – )
Norwegian actor
"Any stigma, as the old saying is, will serve to beat a dogma."

Philip Guedalla
(03/12/1889 – 12/16/1944)
English historian
"Black women as a group have never been fools. We couldn't afford to be."

Barbara Smith
(12/16/1946 – )
US writer
Billy Gibbons "Can't do it, simply cause underneath 'em is too ugly."

Billy Gibbons
(12/16/1949 – )
US musician (ZZ Top) , on why he and Dusty Hill refused a hefty sum from Gillette to shave their beards
Bill Hicks "Ever notice that people who believe in Creationism look really unevolved?"

Bill Hicks
(12/16/1961 – 02/26/1994)
US comic
W. Somerset Maugham "Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it."

W. Somerset Maugham
(01/25/1874 – 12/16/1965)
English writer
Harlan Sanders "Feed the poor and get rich or feed the rich and get poor."

Colonel Harlan Sanders
(09/09/1890 – 12/16/1980)
US chef
Lee Van Cleef "Being born with a pair of beady eyes was the best thing that ever happened to me."

Lee Van Cleef
(01/09/1925 – 12/16/1989)
US actor