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Marie Curie "One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done."

Marie Curie
(11/07/1867 – 07/04/1934)
French scientist
"It's all right, the white wine came up with the fish."

Herman J. Mankiewicz
(11/07/1897 – 03/05/1953)
US writer, producer (brother of Joseph L. Mankiewicz) , on being sick after a formal dinner
Konrad Lorenz "It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young."

Konrad Lorenz
(11/07/1903 – 02/27/1989)
Austrian zoologist
Count Leo Lev Nikolgevich Tolstoy "Boredom: the desire for desires."

Count Leo Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
(08/28/1828 – 11/07/1910)
Russian writer
Albert Camus "A single sentence will suffice for modern man: He fornicated and read the papers."

Albert Camus
(11/07/1913 – 01/04/1960)
French existential writer
Billy Graham "I wish I'd watched less TV."

Billy Graham
(11/07/1918 – )
US evangelist
Joan Sutherland "I'm somewhat horrified because I don't think the young people today even know what history is. Some of them don't even study History at school anymore or Geography and they don't know where one place is from another."

Dame Joan Sutherland
(11/07/1926 – 10/11/2010)
Australian singer
Jean Shrimpton "I think you should dress to please yourself."

Jean Shrimpton
(11/07/1942 – )
English model
Roberta Joan Anderson "I was a punk in the fifties."

Joni Mitchell
(11/07/1943 – )
Canadian singer
Judy Tenuta "This guy says, 'I'm perfect for you, 'cause I'm a cross between a macho and a sensitive man.' I said, 'Oh, a gay trucker?'"

Judy Tenuta
(11/07/1949 – )
US accordion-wielding comic
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt "You always admire what you really don't understand."

Eleanor Roosevelt
(10/11/1884 – 11/07/1962)
US first lady (33) (wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt; see other US first ladies)
John Nance Garner "You have to do a little bragging on yourself even to your relatives—man doesn't get anywhere without advertising."

John Nance Garner
(11/22/1868 – 11/07/1967)
US Vice President (32) (see other US VPs)
Janet Flanner "I keep going over a sentence. I nag it, gnaw it, pat and flatter it."

Janet Flanner
(03/13/1892 – 11/07/1978)
US journalist
Steve McQueen "I'm not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing."

Steve McQueen
(03/24/1930 – 11/07/1980)
US actor
Ariel and Will Durant "Life oscillates between Voltaire and Rousseau, Confucius and Lao-Tze, Socrates and Christ. After every idea has had its day with us and we have fought for it not wisely or too well, we in our turn shall tire of the battle, and pass on to the young our thinning fasicle of ideals. Then we shall take to the woods with Jacques, Jean-Jacques, and Lao-Tze; we shall make friends of the animals, and discourse more contentedly than Machiavelli with simple peasant minds; we shall leave the world to stew in its own deviltry, and shall take no further thought of its reform." (whew! -s)

Will Durant
(11/05/1885 – 11/07/1981)
US historian (died near his birthday; was married to Ariel Durant)
"I just need enough to tide me over until I need more."

Bill Hoest
(02/07/1926 – 11/07/1988)
US cartoonist (The Lockhorns)
Lawrence Durrell "Poetry is what happens when an anxiety meets a technique."

Lawrence Durrell
(02/27/1912 – 11/07/1990)
India-born English writer
Melvin White "I was on the bus, and the bus was crowded, and I pushed and shoved. And I was standing beside a white fella, about six foot three, 250 pounds, broad shoulders. He looked down at me and said, "Are you a member of the NAACP?" And I said no. He said, "Do you belong to CORE?" I said no. He said, "Are you a follower of Martin Luther King?" I said no. He said, "Well, do you believe in Black Power?" I said I don't believe in none of that stuff. He said, "Then get off my damn foot!"

Slappy White
(09/20/1921 – 11/07/1995)
US comic
Harry Clifford Leek "You know, people say 'Wait and go to heaven.' Well, if heaven's like they claim it is, I don't want to go. I'd get bored."

Howard Keel
(04/13/1919 – 11/07/2004)
US actor