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"There is no middle course between the throne and the scaffold."

King Charles X
(10/09/1757 – 11/06/1836)
French royalty
Lewis Cass "The person of intellect is lost unless they unite with energy of character. When we have the lantern of Diogenese we must also have his staff."

Lewis Cass
(10/09/1782 – 06/17/1866)
US Senator (MI)
Ivo Andric "One shouldn't be afraid of the humans. Well, I am not afraid of the humans, but of what is inhuman in them."

Ivo Andric
(10/09/1892 – 03/13/1975)
Bosnian writer
John Lennon "There's a great woman behind every idiot."

John Lennon
(10/09/1940 – 12/08/1980)
English singer, songwriter (Beatles; was married to Yoko Ono, father of Julian Lennon and Sean Ono Lennon)
John Entwistle "The atmosphere at the BBC was like going back to school; you have to behave yourself, and everything's got to be prim and proper."

John Entwistle
(10/09/1944 – 06/27/2002)
English bassist, singer, songwriter (The Who)
"In our country are evangelists and zealots of many different political, economic and religious persuasions whose fanatical conviction is that all thought is divinely classified into two kinds-that which is their own and that which is false and dangerous."

Robert H. Jackson
(02/13/1892 – 10/09/1954)
US Supreme Court (see other Supreme Court justices)
Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Eugenio Pacelli "God has no intention of setting a limit to the efforts of man to conquer space."

Pope Pius XII
(03/02/1876 – 10/09/1958)
Italian religious leader
Guillermo del Toro "When you have the intuition that there is something which is there, but out of the reach of your physical world, art and religion are the only means to get to it."

Guillermo del Toro
(10/09/1964 – )
Mexican director (not related to Benicio del Toro)
Andre Maurois "A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short."

Andre Maurois
(07/26/1885 – 10/09/1967)
French writer
Ernesto Guevara "The fundamental principle is that no battle, combat, or skirmish is to be fought unless it will be won."

Che Guevara
(06/14/1928 – 10/09/1967)
Argentine revolutionary
"When I meet a beautiful girl, the first thing I say is 'will you marry me?'. The second thing I say is, 'how do you do?'"

Tommy Manville
(04/09/1894 – 10/09/1967)
English heir, married 13 times, to 11 women
Polly Jean Harvey "Why take a trip on acid when you can read the bible?"

P. J. Harvey
(10/09/1969 – )
English singer, songwriter
Ellen Miriam Hopkins "I'm a bad judge of a play or film. I turned down 'It Happened One Night.' It won Claudette Colbert an Oscar. I said it was just a silly comedy."

Miriam Hopkins
(10/18/1902 – 10/09/1972)
US actor
Sean Taro Ono Lennon "Peace is a good thing, and so is salmon when it's smoked."

Sean Ono Lennon
(10/09/1975 – )
US singer (son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono)
Anna Freud "I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time."

Anna Freud
(12/03/1895 – 10/09/1982)
German psychoanalyst (daughter of Sigmund)
Clare Boothe Luce "A man's home may seem to be his castle on the outside; inside, it is more often his nursery."

Clare Boothe Luce
(04/10/1903 – 10/09/1987)
US journalist (was married to Henry R. Luce)
"It's intoxicating for a man to be waited on. Combine this with very, very skillful sex, and that will get them."

Doris Lilly
(12/26/1926 – 10/09/1991)
US writer
"Rum fellow, that Saddam [Hussein]. He's wearing an Eton Ramblers tie."

Sir Alec Douglas Home
(07/02/1903 – 10/09/1995)
British PM (45) (see other British PMs)
"Me no Leica."

Walter Kerr
(07/08/1913 – 10/09/1996)
US theatre critic , reviewing John Van Druten's "I Am a Camera"
Herbert Ross "I've never been to a shrink, so I can't explain my compulsion on psychological grounds, the idea just suddenly popped into my head and took over."

Herbert Ross
(05/13/1927 – 10/09/2001)
US director , on his choice of career
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun "The married are those who have taken the terrible risk of intimacy and, having taken it, know life without intimacy to be impossible."

Amanda Cross
(01/13/1926 – 10/09/2003)
US writer, critic