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Edgar Allan Poe "They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

Edgar Allan Poe
(01/19/1809 – 10/07/1849)
US writer
Niels Henrik David Bohr "Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think."

Niels Bohr
(10/07/1885 – 11/18/1962)
Danish mathematician
Henry Agard Wallace Henry Wallace (then secretary of agriculture): "This country should raise more wheat."
Heckler: "What about hay?"
Wallace: "I'm speaking about food for mankind, but I'll get around to your case in a minute."
(10/07/1888 – 11/18/1965)
US Vice President (24) (see other US Vice Presidents) , same birth and death dates as Bohr
Oliver Wendell Holmes "We are all omnibuses in which our ancestors ride, and every now and then one of them sticks his head out and embarrasses us. "

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
(08/29/1809 – 10/07/1894)
US writer, scientist, scholar (father of Holmes Jr.)
"My honor is my loyalty."

Heinrich Himmler
(10/07/1900 – 05/23/1945)
German Gestapo head
Charleszetta Waddles "You can have all the intelligence in the world and don't have enough stamina. I have seen some very bright, bright women who do not have the stamina for husbands."

"Mother" Charleszetta Waddles
(10/07/1912 – 07/12/2001)
US preacher, activist
"The Goddamn human race deserves itself, and as far as Iím concerned it can have it."

Elizabeth Janeway
(10/07/1913 – 01/15/2005)
US writer
"There's no sentence that's too short in the eyes of God."

William Zinsser
(10/07/1922 – )
US grammarian
Ronald David Laing "Rule A: Don't. Rule A1: Rule A doesn't exist. Rule A2: Do not discuss the existence or non-existence of Rules A, A1, or A2."

R. D. Laing
(10/07/1927 – 08/23/1989)
English psychiatrist
Bishop Desmond Tutu "When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land."

Bishop Desmond Tutu
(10/07/1931 – )
African religious leader, Nobelist
Everett LeRoi Jones "A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money."

Imamu Amiri Baraka
(10/07/1934 – )
US writer
Clive James "As a work of art, it has the same status as a long conversation between two not very bright drunks."

Clive James
(10/07/1939 – )
Australian critic , on Judith Krantz’ "Princess Daisy"
"The well of nature is full today. Time to go outside and take a drink"

Diane Ackerman
(10/07/1948 – )
US writer
John Mellencamp "Rock'n'roll starts between the legs and goes through the heart, then to the head. As long as it does those three things, it's a great rock song."

John "Cougar" Mellencamp
(10/07/1951 – )
US singer, songwriter
Valdimir Putin "We discussed this very important issue yesterday over a beer."

Vladimir Putin
(10/07/1952 – )
Russian President , on the 2000 US presidential "election"
Thom Yorke "There's nothing more boring than a rock'n'roll star. Someone who has been on the road for 10 years, expecting attention wherever he goes, drinking himself stupid, who is obnoxious, incoherent, uncreative, and has a massive ego. There's nothing more pointless."

Thom Yorke
(10/07/1968 – )
English musician (Radiohead)
Rachel McAdams "I wanted to be a secretary, I love paper clips and staplers."

Rachel McAdams
(10/07/1976 – )
US actor
Leo Durocher "I never did say that you can't be a nice guy and win. I said that if I was playing third base and my mother rounded third with the winning run, I'd trip her up."

Leo Durocher
(07/27/1906 – 10/07/1991)
US baseball player, coach
Agnes de Mille "Toe dancing is a dandy attention getter, second only to screaming."

Agnes de Mille
(09/18/1905 – 10/07/1993)
US dancer, choreographer (niece of Cecil B. de Mille)