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"A freakish homunculus germinated outside lawful procreation."

Henry Arthur Jones
(09/19/1851 – 01/07/1929)
English writer , on George Bernard Shaw
James Abram Garfield "I have had many troubles in my life, but the worst of them never came."

James A. Garfield
(11/19/1831 – 09/19/1881)
US President (20) (see all US Presidents)
"There is no necessary connection between the desire to lead and the ability to lead, and even less the ability to lead somewhere that will be to the advantage of the led."

Bergen Evans
(09/19/1904 – 02/04/1978)
US educator
William Golding "Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind."

William Golding
(09/19/1911 – 06/19/1993)
English writer
Frances Farmer "Never console yourself into believing that the terror has passed, for it looms as large and evil today as it did in the despicable era of Bedlam."

Frances Farmer
(09/19/1913 – 08/01/1970)
US actor
William West Anderson "It was inescapable. I'd just about land something substantial, something I like or a good career move. Then some dinosaur would rear up and say, 'But the audience will think of him as Batman.' It was formidable. It was there like a brick wall."

Adam West
(09/19/1928 – )
US actor , on being typecast as "Batman"
Mike Royko "(George Bush) has the look about him of someone who might sit up and yip for a Dog Yummie."

Mike Royko
(09/19/1932 – 04/29/1997)
US journalist
Paul Williams "I could find the cure for cancer, but what people will always remember me for is writing the theme for The Love Boat."

Paul Williams
(09/19/1940 – )
US songwriter
Ellen Naomi Cohen "Probably the biggest bringdown in my life was being in a pop group and finding out just how much it was like everything we were supposed to be against."

"Mama" Cass Elliot
(09/19/1943 – 07/29/1974)
US singer (Mamas and Papas)
Jeremy Irons "Paris Hilton, that's very interesting what she did. I've never done that. I haven't really sort of ever got into that. As time passes, maybe I should record it and put it in a vault so that when I get a little old and don't have the energy I can remember how life used to be."

Jeremy Irons
(09/19/1948 – )
English actor
Lesley Hornby "It's not what you'd call a figure, is it?"

(09/19/1949 – )
English supermodel, actor
"Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons."

Will Cuppy
(08/23/1884 – 09/19/1949)
US writer
"I have learned from experience that, in the bluff and counterbluff of world politics, to draw a hostile war lord as a horrible monster is to play his game. What he doesn't like is being shown as a silly ass."

Sir David Low
(04/07/1891 – 09/19/1963)
English cartoonist
Jimmy Fallon "Sometimes I wish I had a terrible childhood, so that at least IŽd have an excuse."

Jimmy Fallon
(09/19/1974 – )
US comic, actor (SNL)
Italo Calvino "In love, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision."

Italo Calvino
(10/15/1923 – 09/19/1985)
Italian writer