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Hattie McDaniel "Always remember this: There are only eighteen inches between a pat on the back and a kick in the rump."

Hattie McDaniel
(06/10/1895 – 10/02/1952)
US actor
"It won't be long before we'll be writing together again. I just hope they have a decent piano up there."

Frederick Loewe
(06/10/1904 – 02/14/1988)
Austrian composer , on songwriting partner Alan Jay Lerner's death
"If you have accomplished all that you have planned for yourself, you have not planned enough."

Dr. Edward Everett Hale
(04/03/1822 – 06/10/1909)
US religious leader
"All those great swans chasing that absurd young man!"

Sir Terence Mervyn Ratigan
(06/10/1911 – 11/30/1977)
English writer , on ballet
Saul Bellow "She was what we used to call a suicide blonde—dyed by her own hand."

Saul Bellow
(06/10/1915 – 04/05/2005)
Canadian writer
Prince Philip "I declare this thing open, whatever it is."

Prince Philip
(06/10/1921 – )
British Royal Family , opening the Vancouver City Hall
Frances Ethel Gumm "I was born at the age of twelve on a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot."

Judy Garland
(06/10/1922 – 06/22/1969)
US singer, actor (mother of Liza Minnelli)
Maurice Sendak "There must be more to life than having everything."

Maurice Sendak
(06/10/1928 – 05/08/2012)
US writer/illustrator (Where the Wild Things Are)
"I will be brief. Not nearly so brief as Salvador Dali, who gave the world's shortest speech. He said 'I will be so brief I have already finished,' and he sat down."

Edward O. Wilson
(06/10/1929 – )
US scientist, writer
Frederick Delius "There is only one real happiness in life, and that is the happiness of creating."

Frederick Delius
(01/29/1862 – 06/10/1934)
English composer
Francis Lee Bailey "I get paid for seeing that my clients have every break the law allows. I have knowingly defended a number of guilty men. But the guilty never escape unscathed. My fees are sufficient punishment for anyone."

F. Lee Bailey
(06/10/1939 – )
US lawyer
"Men who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences."

Marcus Garvey
(08/17/1887 – 06/10/1940)
Jamaican organizer
Jeff Greenfield "These people have served a longer sentence than some people who have committed murder."

Jeff Greenfield
(06/10/1943 – )
US journalist , on the O. J. Simpson jury
Jack Johnson "For every point I'm given, I'll have earned two, because I'm a Negro."

Jack Johnson
(03/31/1878 – 06/10/1946)
US boxer
John Edwards "I'd say if you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you've lost your mind."

John Edwards
(06/10/1953 – )
US Senator (NC), vice presidential (2004) and presidential (2008) candidate
Gina Gershon "Lately, I've been a little sad that I'm not a gay man."

Gina Gershon
(06/10/1962 – )
US actor
Jimmy Chamberlain "Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny."

Jimmy Chamberlain
(06/10/1964 – )
US drummer (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan) ; also see Billy Corgan, D'Arcy Wretzky, James Iha, Melissa auf der Maur, and Courtney Love , but Frank Zappa said it first. If anyone has an original Jimmy Chamberlain quote...?
Elizabeth Hurley "I'd kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe."

Elizabeth Hurley
(06/10/1965 – )
English model, actor
Spencer Tracy "Come to work on time, know your lines, and don't bump into the furniture."

Spencer Tracy
(04/05/1900 – 06/10/1967)
US actor , advice
"One never realizes how much and how little he knows until he starts talking."

Louis L'Amour
(03/22/1908 – 06/10/1988)
US writer
"A proof tells us where to concentrate our doubts."

Morris Kline
(05/01/1908 – 06/10/1992)
US mathematician
Les Dawson "I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my own."

Les Dawson
(02/02/1933 – 06/10/1993)
English comic
"Opening games make me nervous. To tell the truth, I'd rather open with our second game."

John McKay
(07/05/1923 – 06/10/2001)
US football coach
Ray Charles Robinson "I never wanted to be famous; I only wanted to be great."

Ray Charles
(09/23/1930 – 06/10/2004)
US R'n'B and jazz great