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Friedrich von Schiller "What reason, like the careful ant, draws laboriously together, the wind of accident sometimes collects in a moment."

Friedrich von Schiller
(11/10/1759 – 05/09/1805)
German writer
Samuel Griswold Goodrich "Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar."

"Peter Parley"
(08/19/1793 – 05/09/1860)
US writer
James M. Barrie "There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make."

Sir James M. Barrie
(05/09/1860 – 06/19/1937)
Scottish writer (Peter Pan)
Henry J. Kaiser "When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."

Henry J. Kaiser
(05/09/1882 – 08/24/1967)
US industrialist
Thomas Wentworth Higginson "Great men are rarely isolated mountain-peaks; they are the summits of ranges."

Thomas W. Higginson
(12/22/1823 – 05/09/1911)
US writer, military, political activist
Manfred Eigen "A theory has only the alternative of being wrong. A model has a third possibility—it might be right but irrelevant."

Manfred Eigen
(05/09/1927 – )
German physicist
Alan Bennett "We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but people wouldn't obey the rules."

Alan Bennett
(05/09/1934 – )
English writer, actor (Beyond the Fringe)
Glenda Jackson "One hell of an outlay for a very small return, with most of them."

Glenda Jackson
(05/09/1936 – )
English actor and parliament member , on men
Candice Bergen "It's impossible to be more flat-chested than I am."

Candice Bergen
(05/09/1946 – )
US actor (daughter of Edgar Bergen)
William Martin Joel "A typical day in the life of a heavy metal musician consists of a round of golf and an AA meeting."

Billy Joel
(05/09/1949 – )
US singer/songwriter (was married to Christie Brinkley)
Nelson Algren "The avocation of assessing the failures of better men can be turned into a comfortable livelihood, providing you back it up with a Ph.D."

Nelson Algren
(03/28/1901 – 05/09/1981)
US writer (The Man with the Golden Arm)
"It is only the amateur [gardener] like myself who becomes obsessed and rejoices with a sadistic pleasure in weeds that are big and bad enough to pull, and at last, almost forgetting the flowers altogether, turns into a Reformer."

Dame Freya Madeline Stark
(01/31/1893 – 05/09/1993)
French-born English writer
Penelope Ann Douglass Conner "The soundtrack, bless its sour heart, meanwhile thumps out THE BLUE DANUBE, to confer a little of the courtliness of bygone years on space."

Penelope Gilliatt
(03/25/1932 – 05/09/1993)
English writer , on the film 2001: A Space Odyssey
Alan Kniberg "Marriage is nature's way of keeping us from fighting with strangers."

Alan King
(12/25/1927 – 05/09/2004)
US comic
Vidal Sassoon "Hair is another name for sex."

Vidal Sassoon
(01/17/1928 – 05/09/2012)
English hairdresser