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"Before you run in double harness, look well to the other horse."

(03/20/0043 BC – ?/?/0017 AD)
Roman writer
Isaac Newton "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants."

Sir Isaac Newton
(12/25/1642 – 03/20/1727)
English scientist
Henrik Ibsen "It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians."

Henrik Ibsen
(03/20/1828 – 05/23/1906)
Norwegian writer
Isabel Burton "I must just think aloud, so as not to keep the public waiting."

Isabel Burton
(03/20/1831 – 03/21/1896)
English writer (was married to Richard Francis Burton; died near her birthday) , on writing her husband's biography
Burrhus Frederic Skinner "The real problem is not whether machines think, but whether men do."

B. F. Skinner
(03/20/1904 – 08/18/1990)
US behaviorist
"I'm a charming coward; I fight with words."

Carl Reiner
(03/20/1922 – )
US comic, actor (father of Rob Reiner)
George Nathaniel Curzon "Dear me, I never knew that the lower classes had such white skins."

Lord Curzon
(01/11/1859 – 03/20/1925)
English statesman
Marechal Ferdinand Foch "It takes fifteen thousand casualties to train a major-general."

Marechal Ferdinand Foch
(10/02/1851 – 03/20/1929)
French general
Jerry Reed Hubbard "She Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft."

Jerry Reed
(03/20/1937 – 09/01/2008)
US singer/songwriter , song title
Brian Mulroney "I am not denying anything I did not say."

Brian Mulroney
(03/20/1939 – )
Canadian PM (18)
William Hurt "You have to create a track record of breaking your own mold, or at least other people's idea of that mold."

William Hurt
(03/20/1950 – )
US actor
Jimmy Lee Vaughan "I get onstage with Eric[Clapton] or B. B. [King], and I am terrified. You couldn't drive a nail in my ass with a sledgehammer. Don't repeat that: it won't come off very good."

Jimmie Lee Vaughan
(03/20/1951 – )
US musician (Fabulous Thunderbirds) (brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan)
"When Charlie Finley had his heart operation it took eight hours. Seven just to find his heart."

Steve McCatty
(03/20/1954 – )
US pitcher (Oakland As)
Shelton Jackson Lee "Critics like to build you up, tear you down, and then, if you're lucky, build you up again."

Spike Lee
(03/20/1957 – )
US filmmaker
Holly Hunter "I have tried to be as eclectic as I possibly can with my professional life, and so far it's been pretty fun."

Holly Hunter
(03/20/1958 – )
US actor
Brendan Behan "I was court-martialled in my absence, and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence."

Brendan Behan
(02/09/1923 – 03/20/1964)
Irish writer
Chet Huntley "I used to believe the government was the answer to all our problems. But the . . . government, I've concluded, is now an insufferable jungle of self-serving bureaucrats."

Chet Huntley
(12/10/1911 – 03/20/1974)
US telejournalist
"The public, more often than not, will forgive mistakes, but it will not forgive trying to wriggle and weasel out of one."

Lewis Grizzard
(10/20/1946 – 03/20/1994)
US comic
"I shall never be as old as I was between 20 and 30."

V. S. Pritchett
(12/16/1900 – 03/20/1997)
English writer
Liz Carpenter "If we can't turn the world around we can at least bolster the victims."

Liz Carpenter
(09/01/1920 – 03/20/2010)
US writer, politico